Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Yes, You can learn anything!

4 Steps to Get There

I recently came across this older TedTalk by Josh Kaufman; I thought it was exactly the kind of thing that LeaderTribers would enjoy. To summarize, it’s about learning, and we know that learning never stops!

So what do you do when you’d like to learn something new, but you just don’t have the time? Josh Kaufman’s theory is all about how we can learn anything in 20 hours (40 minutes a day for a month). But you need to follow these steps to a tee!

Check out his TedTalk here, and the book here. Plus, this Forbes article shares an interview with Josh. His four basic steps:

  1. Chunk it and decide. Break down the skill into smaller and more manageable chunks. And decide up to which level you want to commit to for the 20 hours.
  2. Be just good enough. Learn just the right amount to know if you’re making a mistake, and fix the things you’re doing wrong.
  3. Remove distractions! In order to focus, remove the things that distract you! Check out my blog on how to avoid getting distracted.
  4. Complete your 20 hours. Fix your schedule and commit to the 20 hours of learning and practice.

You won’t be a master, but you will have learned a new skill! How cool is that?! Are you ready to try? Watch the TED Talk then let me know what new skill you are going after!

Wishing you a great week of learning!

Dr. Rob

Aka the Robster

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