Tuesday, February 11, 2020

How to Avoid Getting Distracted Easily

Another take on multitasking

I’ve written a very popular piece proving how multitasking is a lie. Our brains are hardwired to give attention to ONE thing at a time. But that never happens!!! That is the struggle! Distraction slows our production, and makes us feel terrible. Messenger, texts, IG alerts, TikTok, and a million others.

Have you ever worked hard all day and felt like you were further behind at the end of the day? Or am I the only one?

Here is how you can get better:

  1. Discover! If you don’t understand what distracts you, you won’t find a solution! Do your best to pinpoint these habits. When you find yourself distracted, take note of what you think caused it.
  2. Brainstorm! Ask questions! Ask yourself and ask other people on ideas of what you can do when you find yourself distracted or being interrupted. Or ask yourself what you ca do to avoid checking notifications all the time, for example. Record all of these ideas, there are no wrong ones—just ones that work better. Try these out and take note which ones were successful. Here’s one idea: time blocking!
  3. Unleash the so-called “activation energy!” This involves breaking down bigger tasks into smaller chunks so they all come across as more do-able. For example, instead of “Write a report,” you can put “Identify your topic outline,” followed by “Write 3-4 sentences for your opening statement.”

Harvard Business Review lets us in on three easy things to improve our ‘attention management’ and get rid of our distraction habit. 

When we are distracted, we end up feeling tired because we went from one task to the other in a span of split-seconds. This cannot be a habit or you will end up burned out. Do you have bigger problems that keep you from focusing? Let me know! Hit me up

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