Tuesday, August 18, 2020

What Happens When You KNOW That You Know

Nailing down your core values is awesome

Check it out, I ended last week’s blog by asking if you can name your core values. It’s not easy to zero in on those, especially since research says there are as many as 125 values that people can hold.

But you must learn what is MOST important to you! Which  ones will you die for? In my experience, if you are willing to die for something, only then are you really willing to live for it! Two great reasons to nail this down:

1.     Decision making is far more difficult without the foundation of your core values.

2.     Core values are your guiding light when it comes to firmly saying yes or no

Research from Learning Leadership by Kouzes and Posner shows that those with clarity around their core values are more committed at work, more ambitious, and are less stressed!


“Knowing who you are and what your values are will enable you to be more motivated, empowered, involved and committed at work. In short, it increases the engagement you give and get as a leader.”


If my team knows that I will never lie to a client and that I won’t make excuses, they will trust me more AND they will know how they are expected to behave. There is a correlation between how team members rate their leaders’ effectiveness and how clear the leader is about his or her values and principles.

REMEMBER: Knowing who you are and what you believe makes you a more effective leader on every scale!  So take the first step:

Determine your core values... then embrace them!


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Dr Rob

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