Monday, May 8, 2017

The Leadership Lesson I Taught John Maxwell at Pebble Beach

How to turn a negative into a positive every time!

Turning a negative into a positive is hard to do until I came up with the perfect answer: The SECOND person to talk wins the conversation!

What do you mean? That’s what we discuss in this week’s five minute video. When you are with a few friends and someone says something negative about someone who isn’t there, what do you do? I discuss that in this week’s video and I talk about the time that I taught John Maxwell this lesson!


It’s true: the Second Person who speaks wins the conversation–but only when you know what to say (hint: it isn’t that hard!). After this, you will have the skill to turn the conversation to a better, more positive direction.

AND I’ve created a FREE download with 5 more ways re-frame a conversation to help them go in a positive direction.

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