Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Show this Video at Your Thanksgiving Gathering

It’s my favorite TED Talk in the world...

(This blog was originally published on LeaderTribe in November of 2016.)

I’ve done a ton of research in the areas of happiness, gratitude, attitude, and forming positive habits. When you and I serve on a great team of people who love each other and bring their best to work . . . there is nothing like it!

Don’t you love to be around thankful people? Wouldn’t you love to become a more thankful person? Both are possible. Here are two verified results: you’ll be happier and more productive.

How does that happen? We’ll look at that in the coming weeks. Today, enjoy watching this hilarious, fun, and informative video that is my favorite TED Talk in the world.

See the video here.

Happy (American) Thanksgiving everyone! You can choose a great attitude this week—why don’t you challenge yourself to make it your best one all year?


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