Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Life Lessons from Thanksgiving

How thankfulness can be a part of your life

This Thanksgiving, what will you do differently compared to past Thanksgivings? Thisyear, due to all the struggles and challenges I’ve experienced, I realized onething.

I realized that I am thankful everyday for my life.


Even thoughThanksgiving only comes once a year, I realized that the values and lessonsthat we celebrate on that day can actually carry over for the rest of the year.

And because being thankful has a lot of benefits to your life and health, imagine ifyou had thankfulness as a part of your daily life? It would be life changing!


So that’swhat I’m trying to do, and it’s something I’d like to encourage you to do aswell—be thankful everyday!


Here arethree things that you can do everyday that will change your life as you aim tobe a happier and more thankful person overall.


1.     Develop the habit of being thankful. Try to continue maintaining yourgratitude journal or at least thinking of a minimum of ONE THING A DAY that youare thankful for. Try to think about this at the start of your day or at theend of your day before you turn in for the night. Before sleeping, you can askyourself what was something that happened today that you were really thankfulfor?

2.     Appreciate timing and your currentstate. Life is nota race. It’s easy to get frustrated when things aren’t going the way youplanned them out to be. Well. Guess what? I’ve had a lot of those incidentsthis year. But despite not meeting my goals for the year, I remain thankfulthat I am where I am. Be thankful about your current circumstance.

3.     Treat people with value. Don’t hold back. Life is short, andwe often don’t tell our loved ones how thankful we are for them. Thankfulnessis not something to be stingy about–say thank you everyday. Whether it’s to aloved one or a person at the grocery who helped you reach for the top shelf.


So what doyou say? Are you ready to “make everyday Thanksgiving?” Let me know what youthink at



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