Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Leaders are Different

Leadership is the same…

Every leader is different. They have different values, priorities, ways of motivating their team, etc. That’s why there really is no “Personality Template” that someone should follow if he or she wants to be a leader.

Leadership is not about the position, the job title, the job description. It’s not about the number of degrees earned. It’s not about the years of experience or lack thereof. It’s not about status, and it’s not about always knowing what to do.

So if leaders are different, what makes THEM the leaders? What’s similar about them?”

Here’s the answer: It’s the INSIDE that counts.

All leaders are different on the outside, but there are certain patters and leadership practices that can ALWAYS BE OBSERVED IN THE BEST LEADERS. These practices bring out the best in their team members. There are “Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” that the best leaders use, and the more often they apply the five, the more effective that their team viewed them.  

It ends up that human beings have similar expectations from their leaders. As a quick example, a mean, selfish leader isn’t appreciated in Katmandu or in California.A caring, visionary leader will be loved in Idaho or in India. We all have similar standards when it comes to evaluating how effective a leader is.  

“OK, Dr.Rob, I get that. I want to grow and I want to be more effective. What are these five things I have to learn?” NOPE! Sorry. You’ve already failed. They aren’t things, they are behaviors. And they won’t be taught to you from the outside so you just become a more educated robot, doing what you are supposed to do. Nope. It’s way better than that.

These are practices that you already to have the capability to grow in. They must come from the INSIDE OUT.

We’ll be looking into these practices deeper in the coming weeks.
But for now, I’m leaving you with this key takeaway: Even though leaders have different approaches, the best of the best engage in very similar practices. “Leaders are different, while leadership is the same.”

Go be your best and choose to care about those you are leading. See if it makes a difference. (It will!).

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Dr. Rob

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