Tuesday, June 2, 2020

How a Good Leader Can Make a Difference

Good leaders affect your Outlook and your Behavior

The amount of effort we will give our good bosses and bad bosses is HUGE. And sometimes we don’t even realize it. One of the questions in Kouzes and Posner’s book Learning Leadership is this:


What percentage of your talents (skills, ability, time, energy) would you say each of these leaders brought out in you?

Now check this out! Apparently, the best leaders are able to bring out more than THREE TIMES the amount of talents, skills, and even motivation compared to bad leaders. Good leaders bring out 95% of our efforts!

What does this mean?

Good leaders are able to help bring out the BEST in people—sometimes more than you can imagine. It’s because leaders in general affect the confidence of people in themselves. Leaders, whether good or bad, always create a difference on people’s behavior, performance, and mindset.

Note that when I say difference, it can be both positive and negative. While good leaders can motivate their team to be confident and produce great work, bad leaders can cause their team to be unengaged, unmotivated, and to produce mediocre work. In fact, according to Gallup, 50% of people leave their managers, not the companies. That means half the time people leave a company it’s because of their bosses! What a wake-up call, right?  

At the same time, the way that leaders behave also impacts themselves. The more they engaged in leadership efforts, the more positive they feel about their working environment. Did you know that your leadership behavior could make such a difference?

Here’s your question for the week: What kind of difference or impact would you want to create for the people around you?

Excited for YOU to learn and to GROW,


Dr. Rob


P.S. Again, think back to the best leader you ever worked with.  Why not send him an email or drop him a text and just show your appreciation?


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