Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Helping People through Change

Getting it right for yourself and others

You are a leader. At a minimum you lead yourself, but you probably have a leadership role in the lives of others. When change comes, you have the tricky privilege of helping others weather the storm.

John Kotter’s Harvard article blew up across the globe can be found here:

A more recent article in Harvard Business Review gives some helpful tips on how to prepare others for changes ahead:

  1. Tell success stories. Share real stories about others who have successfully navigated through a changing landscape. Positive stories help prepare people’s minds to accept something new.  
  2. Encourage others to share their thoughts and feelings. Hold short, frequent meetings—these are really just “check-ins” where you ask, “How is everyone doing with all the exciting changes?” Keep the meetings short and follow-up individually if needed.
  3. Encourage collaboration. If your team is “in it together,” they will be more ready to wade out to deeper waters. Say,“It’s going to be up to us to encourage each other to remain open and growing.There are going to be many new ideas, opinions, people, and perspectives. We are going to be brave and we’ll do it together.
We all know that… Change is inevitable!

The secret to life is in how you deal with it and how you help your team to work together. Let’s level up our growth during times of challenge and change… it’s what great leaders do!

Grow for it!


Dr. Rob

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