Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Check this off your daily to do list

Learning leadership should be a daily habit

The journey to being the best leader, the best version of yourself, is anything but easy. But it is possible and it is worth it!

No one else will do it for you, so you must TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT.

So you need to learn the right things and begin taking concrete actions to learn from the leaders you emulate.

Leadership is not something that you can study a few times. It’s not like a degree that you earn. Even if you finish a variety of lessons or courses, you have become smarter, but are you a better leader? Do you care about others more? Are you more committed to their success?

Here is the ONE HABIT that is small enough to be doable but will make the biggest difference:

Take a small step every single day APPLYING something that you’ve been learning.


Think of it as a muscle that you need to keep exercising in order for it to strengthen. If you don’t work out your muscle, it atrophies over time, going back to its weaker state.

Here are some quick tips on how you can turn this into a habit:

  1. Spend one minute every day noting how you made an impact the day before.
  2. What went well about that opportunity?
  3. Think of something you learned that you would do differently next time.
  4. Learn one new thing each day, whether it’s a skill you’re continuing to practice or some new information. You can read one paragraph in a development book.

The key to all of this in not what you are doing, it is the consistency! Even if you get it wrong in the beginning, if you keep moving and improving 1%, you will be a champion.

This is not complicated nor hard to do. But it must become a habit. If it does, you win.

To be the leader you are hoping to be, you won’t get there tomorrow, but you WILL get there… if you take one step at a time.

Start now.  


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