Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Here’s what to do.

Did you know that the average person checks their phone more than 100 times a day? That’s an average of about once every 10 minutes during awake time.

But there’s more: check out these statistics:

  • 50% of us don’t feel comfortable when we leave our phones at home
  • 61% sleep with their phones under their pillow or next to them
  • 44% check job-related emails daily on their phones, even when on vacation!

Cellphone addiction is a thing! It can happen to everyone. In fact, my wife even called me out about this in front of a friend!

Even Harvard Business Review acknowledges that we are living in an era of obsession over technology. But here’s the thing—research shows that too much technology can affect our lives in a negative way!

Here are three facts to consider related to excessive cellphone use (even though there are many, many more negative correlations to cell phone addiction).

  • We become distracted and quickly lose focus.
  • More time on social media makes us less happy.
  • We become less productive and we live with the guilt of being less effective.  

Wow! Look at those three symptoms. If I said, “Here is a pill you could take to get rid of those symptoms,” you’d pay me big money for the medical answer. The solution is free, but more difficult than taking a pill.

What you can do starting today to weaken your cellphone obsession:

1. Recognize your habits (And admit it to yourself)

You can’t change something if you won’t even admit it. Tell yourself “I need some help here.” Even if you can’t admit it to others, admit it to yourself. Not certain that you are actually “addicted” to your phone?  Check out these symptoms of cellphone addiction to help you.

2. Schedule flow blocks!

“Flow” is the exact opposite of distraction. To get “in the flow” or “in the zone” you need to be undistracted. Learn to use “Do Not Disturb” mode on your phone or put it in airplane mode. THEN move it to another room! Yes, research reveals that if your phone is in your site or in your pocket, it will still distract you! Then schedule a flow block so you can work hard for 45 minutes to an hour.

3. Remove all tech from the bedroom.

This was hard for me, but I’ve made the transition. If your brain tells you that your bedroom is not primarily a place of rest, you will not sleep as well! Did you know that research says that blue light from mobile devices and laptops signal your brain to be more alert? In short, you get less sleep when you’re on your phone in the bedroom! Get your well-deserved rest so you can be more productive.

4. Bring back your social life.

Notice I said social life, not social media life! Have you been to a restaurant recently and seen a group of friends or a family on their phones instead of talking? They could have done that at home! Treasure your relationships and make time for actual face to face conversations, you’ll be a happier person.

It’s your move. Pick ONE small thing to start with. Just one. Once you’ve progressed in that area, increase it or go on to another area. If you start today, you’ll feel better about yourself tomorrow. Don’t think this will be easy—it won’t be. But it will be worth it!

And, if you’re reading this on a phone, put it down for a few minutes. Accomplish the next item on your to do list, then you can look at it again.

Excited for your productivity,

Dr. Rob.

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