Tuesday, June 23, 2020

You’re already leading, but not enough!

Leading more frequently always has positive outcomes

In my previous blog, we talked about your ‘Personal Best’ experiences. When they pooled the research from all over the world, FIVE distinct patterns emerged that are now labeled as the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership.

Kouzes and Posner, the kings of leadership research, talk about how they took those 5 practices and figured out 6 “behaviors” for each of them—a total of 30 leadership behaviors were identified. They then developed a tool to provide feedback on how often individuals, people like you and me, are engaging in these best behaviors. When we do those things, we report that we are at our ‘Personal Best.’

This tool that they call the LPI or Leadership Practices Inventory involved vantage points from the individuals, their managers, colleagues, and other people with whom they worked.

Here’s something even more interesting: in more than THREE DECADES of using the LPI, not a single person scored zero in all the five practices.  

What does this mean? Are you ready for this?

YOU are already leading! You are no doubt CAPABLE of leadership. It’s just that you aren’t leading FREQUENTLY enough.

The level of engagement of your direct reports and teammates is related to the frequency that you apply the 5 Practices. And it’s the same with the productivity and effectivity of the team.Additional studies also show that frequent implementation of the 5 Practices leads to increased employee engagement, achievement, resilience, and even emotional intelligence.

So, what do I want to leave with you today?

You are ALREADY a leader.
You just need to gain the confidence to lead more often in the five areas. This week, just work on this one: Don’t tell others what to do, show them what to do!

Excited for your growth!


Dr. Rob

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