Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Your Learning is Connected to Your Leadership

Good Learner = Great Leader

Good learners make great leaders—and the best learners are the BEST leaders! And like in all other skills, they don’t learn in a day. That’s one of the reasons LeaderTribe’s tagline is this: “Developing leaders DAILY, but never in a day.”

I’ve taught many people to downhill ski. The hardest part in the early morning is that everyone is afraid of falling. You must teach them that failing is a very big part in the learning process. It shows that you push yourself beyond your comfort zone! If you never experience falling, and find out it doesn’t hurt, then you'll be on the bunny slope skiing as fast as others can walk. But then you try to go a little faster and then turn… and you make it! Now you know what it feels like and you can’t wait to do that again.

So, how does trying and failing and trying again help you become a better leader, because the research is clear that it does?
Check this out…

Research shows that there are many different styles of learning, so you probably learn different than I do. The research reveals there is NO ONE best style for learning. Achievement is NOT linked to any specific learning style!

But those people who will keep trying and learning as they go, they engaged more frequently with the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership we have been talking about for the past months. This is straight from Learning Leadership by Kouzes and Posner:

It doesn’t matter HOW you learn. What matters is DOING MORE of the learning style that works for you.

Because if you will keep trying you push yourself, and if you push yourself to learn, learn, learn it will enable you to lead, lead, lead!

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