Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Your Leadership Map: Myths That Have Held You Back, Part 2

Speed up your journey by overcoming these myths!

In last week’s blog, we touch on a couple of myths, but this week we finish with the big THREE that are identified in Learning Leadership.

Embrace the fact that these are myths to reach your full potential. Here you go: 

“Leadership is not ONE OF MY STRENGTHS” (Myth!)

Your strengths don’t make you a leader! There are a LOT of people who are highly skilled, super smart, and who work really fast. But that doesn’t mean that they are great leaders! There’s been this misconception that to be a leader, you should focus only on your strength areas. Look friends, I’m a big believer in Strength Finders, but leadership belonging to those who have it as a “strength,” that’s a myth! There are at least four reasons that this is wrong, but let me give you a compelling one: Ignoring your weaknesses will ultimately be your downfall and take you out as a leader. So what’s the truth? It’s your mistakes and uncertainties that will help shape you if you are committed to learning from them. We’ll have a separate blog on this topic soon!


Leaders have often been associated as saviors, lone rangers, or the ONE person who can fix everything. People think that in order to be a leader, they should be independent, able to work alone, and should appear strong. Are you always confident, stable, and invincible? If so, you’re also a liar! You can’t create something AMAZING all on your own. It’s never a one-man show! You’ll always better surrounded by the right team.

“IT DOESN’T COME NATURALLY TO ME!” (Yes, still amyth!)

It’s a huge myth that leadership “comes naturally” to people who are made for it. Look, some people are more comfortable in leadership roles than others, but this myth is officially put to rest on Wednesday and Thursday’s podcasts this week. For you to become the best version of yourself, you must put in the work and gain the (sometimes painful) experience. You must maintain your PASSION, and willingness to learn. Put in the work—it does get easier as you get more comfortable in your own skin.

What’s next?

Over the past two weeks we’ve covered 5 myths. Now it’s time to start learning the truth! I’m committed to take you along with me on the journey. Are you excited? Nervous? A little scared? Good; me too!


Dr. Rob

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