Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Your Boss’s boss? Be Careful!

How to step up and level up

If you are hardworking and you are eager to grow, but your manager isn’t that helpful or nurturing, what do you do? How do you get noticed by top management without bypassing your direct manager?

A great article helps us in this area. So I’m focusing this week’s blog and this week’s podcasts on the points from the article.

So how do you get noticed by your boss’s boss? Ready? Here we go!

1.   Invest in additional skills and knowledge that will help you grow. Ask your boss and boss’s boss for books or resources that will give you success.

2.   Be a team player. Help your teammates.

3.   Take ownership! Know your job like the back of your hand.

4.   ALWAYS followthrough on your promises.

5.   Learn strategic thinking. It’s a skill that will help you move up, so start practicing now! (How? Listen to Tuesday’s podcast this week)

6.   Notice areas for possible improvement. Offer potential solutions that you think will help the company.

7.   CommunicateCLEARLY. Confidence is one thing, but you should focus on making yourself understood.

8.   Network!Connect and engage with people from different departments. This is always a good idea.

9.   Be an example. Don’t violate the company’s goals, values, or ethics.

10.Volunteer.This will get you noticed! Being proactive is a great thing.


I discuss two to three points in each of this week’s podcast, which you can listen to it here. Do you have other suggestions? Hit me up at

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