Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Your Best Start for 2020!

The art of frontloading

This will be worth it! I’ve got some GREAT RESEARCH to help you end the year less stressed.  

We’ve all worked during our vacation, but that isn’t good—and it’s time to stop! “But Dr.Rob, I’m a hard worker!” You’re also not the smartest worker. If you take appropriate breaks, you’ll get far more done than working straight through!

Harvard Business Review breaks it down for us. Doing better work upfront called, “front loading,” will rescue you from wasting precious time and having to catch up later.

  1. Have your own block party! Scan your calendar for the coming week insert “2-hour time blocks” that you won’t violate—treat them like meetings with the CEO. Spend the first 5 minutes of your block party scheduling your 2-hours to complete the project and getting out related emails. The art of time blocking will save you!
  2. Your TIME is your most valuable asset. It is yours! Don’t give it away like it was free. When someone asks you to do something, don’t answer until you pull up your calendar! Schedule 20 minute “interruptions” together to protect the rest of your day. Most people need last minute help. If you say “I could help you next Friday…” they will find someone else to help with the personal emergency they have created.
  3. Frontloading is the key! Right now, go block out Friday morning until 2 pm in your calendar for “project finalization.” This means you frontload your calendar on Sunday night or Monday morning. Then you block most of Friday to wrap up the details that used to crush you. If you finish early, assist a colleague or line up goals for next week.
  4. Here is the Winner! You will have unavoidable meetings and little emergencies. But now you’ve built in margin. Next… make plans for the weekend! Definitely put in blocks for relaxing, exercise, visiting friends, etc. You’ll have better time-off and you’ll do less work.

Try it! Seriously, try it. And let me know how it goes!

Much love and Merry Christmas!


Dr. Rob


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