Tuesday, September 4, 2018

You Won’t Lead Well Until You Believe YOUR Leadership Will Make a Difference!

Leadership imagery is often glorified – big bucks, cool lifestyle, jetting in and out of venues, wining and dining with the big people. It all looks so good. But what happens when you’re out of the limelight?

Read this very carefully: When the lights are on, it’s easy to be at our best. But when the lights are dimmed and no one is looking, it’s much more difficult to face our temptations. We tempted to rest on our last success. We’re tempted to rely on our reputation rather than our recent work, and we’re tempted to lower the shield that guards our character.

What happens to your passion, drive, and commitment when lights are out?

The truth is most leaders can be momentarily exceptional. Their brilliance is often episodic. Some can keep the momentum going on in public life, but succumb to their fears and suffer through deep moments of anxiety and loss in confidence in their private lives. This often makes them feel isolated and lonely. And then, it’s just a matter of time before all of that self-doubt starts manifesting itself in their professional lives.

At this point, we wonder if we are really a good leader or if we are just an imposter. You see, there is a HUGE difference in teaching leadership and leading people. Teaching is much easier. But when you lead the people in a company, a school, a corporation, or a nonprofit…  you’ve got to believe that you can make a difference. If you don’t believe that, please stop leading!

Defeat SELF DOUBT by identifying WHY you want to Lead!

As a leader you have many people looking up to you. Every action, every decision you take will come under the microscope. Most people judge you fairly, and there are a few who can never be pleased. So how to do you fight off self-doubt?

Ask yourself this – Why do I want to lead? What makes me happy as a leader? What gives me the strength to lead my team?

Find that inner drive or motivation and make it your core reservoir of strength. “I want to lead these people because I believe that together we can accomplish something great and become a closer team in the process.” Believe in it 100%. That one pure source of motivation is what tethers you to your leadership and keeps you focused.

Bottom Line: When you believe 100% that you serve others and help them be better together, your attitude and behavior will change for the better. This week, decide where you were getting negative or down on yourself. Change thinking and that behavior… and you will change your life.

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