Tuesday, September 12, 2017

You Gain Courage Just Like Navy Seals

Many small steps are better than a giant leap!

On my website I use the slogan: “Leaders are made daily, but never in a day.” I heard John Maxwell say that, but John told me that it wasn’t original with him. But he was wise to use it because the research proves it is true! And when it comes to courage, it’s especially true!

You can learn some facts in a day.

You can gain some skills in a day.

You can make some plans in a day.

But you cannot significantly increase your courage or your character in one day.

Let me put it this way: You are now becoming who you are going to be!

When you act with courage, the situation did not produce your courage, it reveals what was already on the inside.

B.F. Wescott, 19th Century British Scholar put it this way:

Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards, they simply unveil them to the eyes of men. Silently and imperceptibly, as we wake or sleep, we grow strong or grow weak and at last, some crisis shows us what we have become.

Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and other Special Forces units comprise some of the most courageous people I’ve ever met. But none of them had that much courage the first day of their training. They practiced and learned to do things that they never thought they could accomplish. And their courage to keep going, attempt more and take bigger risks grew every single day.

Here is the key for you to think about this week. The top research reveals that courage is built in the little decisions of our lives. Every day you will have to decide whether or not you will show up, say something, face your fears, do the extra work, or take an unpopular stand!

More that anything else, courage increases by doing what you should do, even though it is hard or unpopular. It’s true! Courage grows by doing the right thing instead of the easy thing. So what’s your thing?

Courage grows by doing the right thing instead of the easy thing. So what’s your thing?

You’re courageous next step is as unique as you are. Pick one very small courageous step each day this week. Perhaps you could share with your family a need that you have. Or, you could start a sentence with you boss saying, “I feel that…” Or you might admit to yourself that your current behavior is not getting you where you want to go. Simply write down one thing that you would like to change and why you want to change it. That’s a small but courageous first step! Identify a behavior you’d like to change and write it in a journal.

Next week I’ll send you the second blog in this series. By then you will have started your journey, you’ll be thankful for your progress, and you’ll be at least one step closer to the person you’ve always hoped to become.

Have and incredible week!

Dr. Rob

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