Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Why 2016 was Depressing, Enlightening, and Awesome

You're 3 Questions Away from a Better 2017!

2016 was a watershed year for me. For the first time in two decades, I wasn’t leading a significant organization, I was only leading… me!

That made it  much more of a challenge than I would have ever expected, I had no idea how much of my self-identity was wrapped up in what I do rather than who I am. (Or, as a person of faith, whose I am.)

You see, I love leading teams. I love bringing health through trust, conflict, commitment and accountability. It’s what I do. I really missed that. That’s good for me to realize as I look back. But, more importantly, how was your year? What was depressing? What was enlightening? What do you look forward to with excitement?

What was Depressing… I was fairly unprepared to start my own business. Oh, I had made preparations, written plans, and met with some really smart people. I had even taken courses. But I wrote a popular blog about the HUGE difference between knowing and doing. That difference jumped up and bit me in the rear.

When I felt paralyzed by indecision, there was no one to talk me off the ledge. When I became a perfectionist and wouldn’t hit “publish” before it was “perfect,” there was no one to kick my rear and tell me to stop obsessing. Then I would hate myself for making those rookie mistakes. It was depressing, which motivated me to want to change.

What was depressing for you this year? Write it down. Are you motivated enough to change? If you need a kick in the rear, email me!

What was Enlightening… I discovered that many entrepreneurs battle the demons of self doubt. Most people quit, but the ones that make it seem to have the same advice: “You just have to do it–make your mistakes and discover what doesn’t work.” For me, 30 minutes of trying something is better than a day of planning ways around my insecurities. Making mistakes is part of growth. I needed to stop being scared and go for it.

Looking back on 2016, what did you learn about yourself, your abilities, and your outlook on life? If there was one good lesson you learned about yourself in 2016, what would it be?

What is (becoming more) awesome… I formed a MasterMind group of other scared, excited, and highly motivated entrepreneurs. We meet on a video call every Thursday to encourage each other AND hold each other accountable on our most important goal of the week. These are awesome people and we work well together. Why? Because we are committed to getting our stuff accomplished with no excuses. We can try hard and fail–but not trying hard is not an option.

What would help you have a more awesome 2017? If there were 1, 2, or 3 accomplishments that would make all the difference, what would they be?

I just asked you a few great questions, one at the end of each section. Reread those questions now. If you take time to answer them, it will make a difference! And if you take a little time to plan — forget about it! 2017 would be awesome! So go for it.

Start now. Post below (or email me) one lesson learned and one hope for next year. Then you won’t just be thinking about getting started, you will have already taken the first step!

I love adding value where I can and helping you win. Go be a hero this year!

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