Tuesday, October 29, 2019

When jealousy strikes…

The best way to fight envy

Envy kills from the inside out. When it affects us, it also affects our team members and the morale. People know when you are jealous or envious.

As a leader, you must take responsibility to get rid of these negative feelings.Yes, it starts with you! Harvard Business Review gives three ways for you to begin.

  1. Be the example! Point out when you are tempted to think about comparisons, and tell your team, “I’m really tempted to be jealous, but I know there is no future in that. So, I’m going to choose to think differently.” Remember, the change starts with you, and your team will follow your example.
  2. Learn thankfulness! All the research is in—the happiest people in the world are those that are the most thankful. Appreciate what you have rather than being consumed by what you want. Congratulate a newly promoted colleague. Support them! Here’s a tip: Whenever you start feeling envious or inferior, quickly ask yourself, “Why am I feeling this way?” You soon realize that your reason is a lousy one.  
  3. Be kind, not bitter. Sometimes, others are jealous of you! But you can be real, approachable, and liked by others IF you show some vulnerability! Be open, and share the issues and challenges you’re facing. You will gain empathy and a new friend.

Envy is a dark seed that can ruin relationships and productivity. Don’t let that seed be planted in your heart. Instead, change your thinking, be thankful, and become more vulnerable. Your future will be brighter and your team will love you for it.

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