Tuesday, March 3, 2020

What’s their purpose?

Helping others find their purpose

If you can help a team member discover who they really are and the work they were meant to accomplish, it is very powerful. It’s challenging, but if you are willing to do some work and care for the person, you can make it happen. If they don’t want to learn, it’s going to be tough. But if they do, here are some resources to help them discover what’s ahead.

Harvard Business Review breaks it down into just three major points:

  1. Go personal! Your care and excitement for them needs to be felt. For some people (introverts) this feels like it’s going deep and personal. “Let’s discover when you are at your best,” or “What are a few important goals?” Why are those specific areas important to you? Then take what they’re saying and show them where it’s already helping them at work.  
  2. While helping them, be authentic! Do everything genuinely from your heart! You want to help them find their purpose because you care for them, and not for other reasons that you will benefit from. The HBR article notes that if you have misaligned motivations it will make you look manipulative and not helpful.
  3. Do not stop! It’s like the theme of LeaderTribe: “Where leaders are made daily, but never in a day.” Keep nurturing your team regularly; you will see meaningful results.

Get personal, be authentic, and keep going! Those are 3 steps to help your team members find their purpose. Purposeful work translates into good things when it comes to their work and their accomplishments.

Managing is easier than caring. But if you can care for and coach a well-managed team, the sky is the limit and people will love working for you.

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