Tuesday, November 6, 2018

What I’m Learning From YOU About Thankfulness

Many of you Leadertribers have joined the Thankfulness Challenge that lasts until the end of the month. Many people who have been so beautifully vulnerable already inspire me.

One gentleman from Eastern Europe noted:


Yesterday I loaded a hospital bed into my minivan… to deliver it in a neighboring village for a needy family.  The man there has a brain tumor, and he is deaf, mute, bedridden, and needs to be fed and changed… I was thankful to see him smile at me as I squeezed his hand and greeted him. I was also grateful we had the opportunity to provide a more comfortable bed for him as his mom is taking care of him. I am thankful that I can move, see, hear, communicate, drive, and have a helping hand in my son Peter who loves to join me.


How great is that? He reaches out with God’s love to provide for others, he receives joy from being kind, and he’s reminded to be thankful for the physical health we so often take for granted.

One young lady in our group noted that she was diagnosed with Epilepsy:

…they discovered that I had Epilepsy, so everyone immediately started putting limitations on me. Today I’m thankful thatI’m to let God’s word define me not the world… and Epilepsy doesn’t bother God! 

Immediately another member responded that his wife was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy, but they’ve had a great marriage of 32 years to date.

 Then, on the day we were assigned to be thankful for someone in our childhood, a lady noted that when her classmates were calling her names, that

"a compassionate teacher started writing encouraging notes to me. Her kindness made the teasing bearable.”

 And finally, a different gentleman from Asia noted that he grew very poor in a big family and went to work early on the family farm. He notes: 

I had problem with my self-confidence because I felt so poor around my friends, because we came from poverty—and my friends often bullied me. I worked morning and night on the farm for seven years, untilI made it to Jr. High and got a job as a sales clerk. I started paying most of my education fees by myself. I’m so thankful that for these unforgettable experiences! I now know God gives me opportunities to work hard and grow and to expand my capacity!

 Oh yeah, that guy, he is now a great leader who trains others. And recently published an outstanding book!

Friends, great research proves that we can train ourselves to be more thankful and, if we will invest a small amount of effort everyday, our brain is trained to be happier and more positive.

Join us for the next three weeks of theThankfulness Challenge. You’ll be so glad you did.

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