Tuesday, July 20, 2021

What Google Discovered About the Best Teams

It’s something that you and I can do later today

A couple of years ago I did a vlog on our back deck of our dream home about Google’s Project Aristotle.The primary discovery that Google made is that teams need to have something called “Psychological Safety” or the ability to throw out thoughts and ideas without fear of reprisal or judgement. Sounds feasible, but watch that video again if you haven’t seen it in a couple of years, but now it might be more important than ever.

For the past year, our team meetings have been over a rectangular computer screen, sometimes with video off and microphone on… because we didn’t want anyone to see what we were doing at the time—what was more important than our meeting with them. Other times camera was on but at the angle we wanted it, and we were muted so others wouldn’t hear our key strokes or what we were saying to someone else when our hand was in front of our mouths on the screen.

Now that many restrictions are being lifted and more meetings will be face-to-face, are you ready for the change? What does psychological safety mean to you as you are forced to face yourself and each other for many (most?) of your waking hours?

All of a sudden, two other Project Aristotle discoveries make their way to the top of the most important traits of your team: dependability and the meaningfulness of your work to you.

Dependability: Are you really there for your colleagues and your company? No “camera off” and mic on “mute,” are you showing up, heart and soul, in a way that others KNOW they can depend on you? More than ever, people are saying “no.” More people are quitting their jobs than ever before, which is why everyone is hiring. Loyalty and dependability feel different now, don’t they?

Why is that? How do you feel about it? Those are leadership level questions that are worth answering by you and your team.

Finally, the “meaningfulness” of your work to you. One question for you in this area: Does your work really matter? When you can say “YES!” and tell me why, you win! If you can’t say yes and/or tell me why, that might be a warning sign… to you… your boss… your company.

Ask that question personally, then get your teammates to answer it as well. Good, well-deserved conversations will come.

Have that talk. Start by talking to yourself.

You are loved and you matter to me.


Dr. Rob

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