Saturday, June 24, 2017

Want Your Life To Go From Good To Great? Remove These 3 Things!

The first two make sense, but the 3rd one is the game changer

Last week, taking research from Henry Cloud’s book Necessary Endings, we talked about preparing the soil of your life. We’re upping the ante this week with some very practical research telling you exactly what you need to prune in order to go from Good to Great.

“Wait, Robster. Did you say, Good to Great? Like the title of the book?”

Yes! And as a special gift, this week’s free download is the 10-page executive summary of Good to Great, by Jim Collins! Because the 3rd (and most painful) area that needs to be pruned, has everything to do with moving from good to great in your life.


The first area of pruning is cutting the “dead branches” out of our lives. These are the items that are taking up space (physical space or mental or emotional energy) that we need to sever once and for all. Here’s a great hint at how to get rid of things that need to go: Stop asking, “What should I get rid of?” That question isn’t always clear and we hold on to too many things. Instead ask, “What is it absolutely necessary that I keep?” And then get rid of everything else. It’s amazing the freedom that awaits you if you apply that principle.

How to Go From Good To Great – Stop asking, What should I get rid of? Instead ask, What is it… CLICK TO TWEET

Second, we must prune the sick branches that are not going to get well. If things are getting better, you might want to give them a little more time. If you’ve got relationships that have been on life support for years, it’s probably time to pull the plug. Perhaps those will be resurrected in the future, but until then, stop wasting your limited resources. Make the adult decision to get rid of half-baked ideas and the half completed projects that weigh you down.

Finally, and this is the shocker, you must get rid of the healthy branches that are not the right ones. Jim Collins notes that so few people live GREAT lives because it is fairly easy to live a good life. They don’t want to get rid of anything good, so they’ll never have the capacity to go for the great.

What about you?

You have a chance to live GREAT this week. Go for it. Watch the video to see how.

Dr. Robster

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