Tuesday, August 20, 2019

“Wait, I need to Start by Stopping???”

Yes! A+! You get to move to the front of the class!

Here we go.

Stop being so intense about improving something!

Like our New Year’s resolutions, most efforts to implement better habits in our lives don’t live very long. We are motivated, prepared, committed, and we make GREAT progress… at first.

But then the diet fades, we keep hitting snooze on the alarm, and we “just can’t make the deposit to our savings” that we had hoped to make. Why? Because we tried too hard. Huh?

James Clear, the top guy in the world in this area, says it this way:

  • Want to build an exercise habit? Your goal is to exercise for 1 minute today.
  • Want to start a writing habit? Your goal is to write three sentences today.
  • Want to create a healthy eating habit? Your goal is to eat one healthy meal this week.

If you make it super, super, super easy and then improve just a little each week, you’ll be crushing it 6 months from now. Go “all in” like a mad gorilla, and in six days you’ll still be hating it.

Stop making excuses. You don’t have to shed tears or go to confession. Just tell the truth without justifications or excuses.This will prove to yourself that you’re all business and you are going to improve.

  • Instead of “I can’t believe I got fat last year. It’s just that work was crazy, we had some family emergencies—there was just no time for exercise…”
    Try this:
    “I blew it and put on weight last year. It’s going to come off this year.”
  • Instead of “Getting promoted at work is so political and I just don’t have the patience for the games you have to play.”
    Try this:
    I’m ready to move up! I’m going to keep a much closer watch on my numbers at work and I’m going to be reaching out for help more often.  

Your turn. Pick an area that you tried too hard or an area that you need to stop making excuses for. Seriously, pick one. If you’re a Christian, pray about it and go for it. If you have a good friend who will be honest, ask them what to do.

Just don’t sit there. Or the next decade will be just like this one.

Much love,  


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