Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Three Tips for Motivation

Motivating others is hard, but not impossible.

The latest research shows extremely low levels of engaged employees. Attempts to help include giving bonuses, making the workplace more “fun,” giving free food, napping pods, and more. Uh oh! The results reveal that these efforts give short term wins that are usually not sustained.  

An article in Harvard Business Review suggests that you should start by focusing on only three things: kindness, inspiration, and encouraging self-care.  

KINDNESS. Positive working relationships are predictors of well-being. In a past blog I talked about medical data revealing that 40 seconds of kindness, questions and eye contact make people feel cared for. Try something small, like just calling a teammate to ask how they are doing.

INSPIRATION. As a leader, you can provide inspiration to your team, especially if they see you as fair, selfless, and involved. Show them why their work really matters. When employees have a sense of purpose, they are more focused and creative.

SELF CARE. It ends up that offering wellness programs and techniques (like yoga or meditation) are appreciated, reduce stress in the workplace, and help boost morale. So, when possible, take care of your team—and don’t forget to take care of yourself too.

Trophies, toys, and desserts are out. Kindness, inspiration, and self-care are better options to get you to where you want to be.

Be kind!


Dr. Rob

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