Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Three Ingredients to keep hope alive

Keeping Hope Alive in your heart.

Everyone loves the leader when things are going well. But when things turn sour, others start to doubt and often we doubt ourselves.

That doesn’t help anyone.

So you must keep your hope alive… but how?

When those you lead are going through a hard time, and they look to you… if they see a defeated and demoralized leader… you’ll both want to throw in the towel.

3 Things to do when times are brutal:

1. Set a small goal and get after it. You MUST REMIND YOUR BRAIN, YOURSELF AND THOSE AROUND YOU that you still have “agency,” you can still make things better. Just get crystal clear on that next small goal.

2. Watch the level of your emotional energy. Don’t waste time or energy trying to do too much. Do exactly what needs to be done to accomplish the goal, then focus on what’s next.

3. Take someone with you. Those first two steps are critical, but if you are vulnerable and ask for help—you will succeed—because you won’t let each other fail.

“I’m really hurting right now, but I know we must keep going. And let the record show that we are going to win in the end… but right now I really need some help. Would you walk with me on this next part of the journey? I would really appreciate it!”

The very best leaders face the same hard challenges as everyone else. But they face these obstacles HEAD ON. They assess the situation, set a small goal, watch their energy, and walk with a trusted friend.

Do you have enough guts to ask for help today?

Dr. Rob

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