Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Serving Leader is a Rare Gem!

The best leaders don’t serve themselves, they serve the team members who are totally with them as they accomplish the goals of the team. Think about it. When we hear of outstanding business, military, or family leaders, they do certain things well every time: clarify goals, keep everyone on track, and they celebrate victories. They make it all about the team member’s accomplishments! That is their highest calling: Great team leaders get the most out of their teams.

True Leaders are Never in Self-preservation Mode

There is a distinct difference between the person with the “title” of leader versus a true leader who is in it for others. True leaders are completely desirous to win—but only together, with the true heroes, the members of their team. If a leader accomplishes only his or her goals, that is a fail. That’s a person, but not a leader.

If you are constantly worried about saving your position and protecting yourself, you will be in self-preservation mode. Sooner or later these people succumb and become a victim of their own fears.

Here’s my point: If you are the kind of leader who is worried only about personal gains, you will never ever rise to your highest potential and be embraced by the team you are there to serve.  

The boss who chooses to Serve is a True Leader.

Try this! Ask someone in charge of an area, “What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about good leadership?” You’ll hear “goals, vision, passion, skills, motivation” etc. Then ask them “What makes a great leader?” This time you will hear things like “She cares about me as a person,” or “he always wants to me to succeed.” Here at LeaderTribe, we call that Servant Leadership!

Don’t get me wrong, goals and vision and passion are all desperately needed—but if we are not careful, all of those things can be manipulated towards selfish ends. Great leaders must graduate from only accomplishing tasks, and move into the higher calling of loving and serving their team members.

So are you ready to Serve? I mean lead? Well, they’re the same thing!

As a leader you can influence the lives of all those who work under you. That is an enormous responsibility. But it can also be your biggest gift to yourself and others! So roll up your sleeves and dig in!

It doesn’t matter where someone is in the hierarchy of your organization, you must love and respect all. Trust me, you are going to love how you feel in return.

Let’s start today. Who can you serve and how? And who can you take along with you on the journey to show them how true leaders serve? The fact that you put them on the course to success will always stay with them.

BOTTOM LINE: Take a risk! The best way to start is by asking team members two simple questions: “What is your most important priority today?” Followed by, “How can I help?”

What do think about becoming more of a Serving Leader? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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