Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The Research is Unmistakable: Challenge is Necessary for Greatness!

It’s the third fundamental leadership behavior that followers respect the most!

Everyone says they want to get better, but no one wants to pay the price for growth. That includes me, and that’s just some straight-up truth. Paying the price means doing something that is not easy. Most of the time, we only want to do the easy stuff.

When the research proves that those who challenge themselves grow more and grow better, we say “I’m in.” And we proceed to get up without hitting the snooze button they trying to shave another 30 seconds off of our fastest walking time.

In the well-research book Learning Leadership we hear this quote.

“My favorite thing about human beings… is that we are never satisfied with our condition—in the sense that we are constantly questioning, exploring, and innovating in order to better our situation as a whole.”

I think that’s because way, deep down in our souls, each one of us wants to be great. We know that challenging ourselves is how we achieve it.

Great leaders are not satisfied with status quo.

By the way, the challenges in the 75Hard program are two (2) 45-minute workouts per day.They cannot be at the same time, and one of them has to be outdoors. You have to follow a diet that you choose. I’m choosing to eat clean as much as possible. You have to drink a gallon of water per day, you take an update picture of yourself every day. No cheat meals or alcohol. Every day you start over. If you are a minute short on one of your workouts or a couple ounces short on your water—start the program over at Day 1.

Several times I traveled all day and I arrived at my hotel at 10:45 pm. I didn’t have my outdoor workout in and I’d only had a half-gallon of water. What happens. I put on 3 layers of clothes in a northern state, and I had outside for a brisk 45-minute walk. Then I go back and finish my water.

Please note—there is nothing convenient about this program. That is intentional. It is now a program to get in good physical shape (but you will!). It is a program to create mental toughness, stop making excuses, show up and do it. Or shut up. There is absolutely no whining.

Now that I’m 30 days in, I’m hyper sensitive to excuses. When someone says “I can’t do something,” 99% of the time they are saying “I choose not to do that because it is inconvenient” or “it would be hard” or “I’m busy.”

Challenge yourself. Stop making excuses and go do something challenging or hard. YOU KNOW that you will become a better person because if you do.

Challenge yourself. No whining. No excuses. Just do it.


Dr. Rob


PS. I don’t recommend 75Hard. But 40,000 people have done it. Some were 300 lbs. when they started. Others were amputees. One lady in our group is pregnant. If you are interested, listen to the podcast. The guy cusses a lot and he “takes no prisoners.” You can find more about it here.

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