Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The one tool that helps us be the most thankful

OK, check this out. For the past 2 years Dawn and I have accomplished more of our annual goals than ever before in our 31 years of marriage.

Oh, these weren’t “lovey-dovey” goals. These were in business, pleasure, learning, personal health, vacations, and entrepreneurship. I hate “New Years Resolutions”, but I LOVE the gift that has helped us accomplish these goals and improve our lives.

I made a video about it right here:


 Like I mentioned, my friend Michael Hyatt developed this simple yet profound program. Here’s something I just received from Michael about this years program. It’s free, it’s awesome, and I want you to experience the rewards and solutions that I did.

Here is what Michael says:

Tired of setting the same goal year after year? Let’s make 2017 the year you finally cross “the big one” off the list. I’m going to show you exactly how in this free presentation

That’s it, friends. I know it’s a crazy time of year. There are several webinar times available so check here to see which one works best with your schedule.

You can thank me later :). This program is something I am doing again in the coming weeks to prepare for my best year ever. I know you’ll enjoy it!


P.S. I love it so much because it doesn’t have a million things to do—just a few things each day! Those few things helped me get the focus I needed.


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