Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Habits of Rich People

They are far different than the Habits of the Poor

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In my daily podcast we are reading through an INCREDIBLE book by James Clear entitled Atomic Habits. On the podcast, we just finished two short episodes on exactly why some people have super self-control or super will-power, but most people don’t.Shockingly, the answer has very little to do with will-power! Instead it has to do with the situations we put ourselves in—and those are much easier to control! 

Ultimately, our habits are everything. What we do over and over again dictates the path of our lives. So today’s blog reviews some of the habits of rich people versus the habits of poor people.

Here is one quick example: How many of our calories are from junk food? 30% of Rich People eat 300 junk food calories in a day. 97% of Poor People eat 300 junk food calories per day.

Here’s what’s crazy. That is only one small statistic and all of us would say, “Eating bad doesn’t cause poverty!” And we’d be right. But we all realize that people who “don’t care as much” and who “don’t have discipline in their lives” tend to eat much more junk food. (I know that when I was feeling down or depressed, I was much more likely to each junk food).

You might say, “Rob, they can’t afford good food.” I don’t believe that. I’ve traveled to all 50 States and to more than 50 countries. Just about anywhere in the world you can buy a piece of fruit for less than a bag of Doritos (and bags of chips are everywhere!).

HERE’S MY BOTTOM LINE…Habits make a difference and we can change our habits. But it’s hard. If we goat it on our own we usually fail. 3 Secrets to success: First, don’t try to change too many things at once. Start with only 1. Second, don’t try to make a huge change in a short time—instead try to improve 1% per day. Third, listen to my podcast on the book Atomic Habits. It’s the best book I’ve ready in 5 years.

Below are some other discoveries from the book Rich Habits (vs Poor Habits. But to hear a really good podcast with the author, click here.

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Dr. Rob

aka The Robster


Rich Habits, by Tom Corley

In my five-year study of the daily habits of the wealthy and the poor I tracked over 200 activities that separate these two groups. Here is a sampling of some of the differences in their daily activities:

1.     If you’re Poor you probably lease a car. 45% of the poor leased a car vs. 6% for the rich. If you think it’s because monthly lease payments are lower than monthly loan payments, think again.

2.     13% of the rich drive a luxury car vs. 9% of the poor. The big difference here is that the rich own their luxury cars while the poor lease their luxury cars.

3.     The rich carefully monitor their credit. They know if they have good credit and they know what their credit score is. 72% of the wealthy knew their credit score vs. 5% of the poor.

4.     Rich parents raise above average students. 29% of wealthy households had one or more children who made the honor role vs. 4% for the poor.

5.     The rich were better students than the poor. 62% of the wealthy were either A or B students vs. 26%of the poor. 34% of the poor were below average students vs. 7% of the rich.

6.     Poor people like to play the lottery. 77% of the poor admitted to playing the lottery regularly vs.6% of the rich. But it’s not just the lottery they gamble their money on…..

7.     52% of the poor admitted that they gamble on sports at least once a week vs. 16% of the wealthy.

8.     It seems the poor cannot control their emotions. 43% of the poor admitted to losing their temper at least once in the past month vs. 19% of the wealthy.

9.     Parents of the rich were better mentors. 75% of the rich learned good daily success habits from their parents. 94% of the poor admitted that their parents were poor mentors.

10.  The rich do a better job keeping the pounds off. 21% of the wealthy admitted to being overweight by30 pounds or more. vs.66% of the poor. But there’s more to this story…

11.  69% of the poor visit fast food restaurants 3 times or more each week. 75% of the wealthy stay away from fast food restaurants. Still more….

12.  57% of the rich counted calories every day vs. 5% of the poor. Wait, not done yet…

13.  69% of the poor eat candy more than once a week vs. 28% of the rich. It gets worse….

14.  76% of the rich exercise aerobically every day vs. 23% for the poor.

15.  How do the rich and the poor think when it comes to wealth and poverty? 79% of the poor believe wealth is the result of random good luck. 92% of the rich disagree.

16.  90% of the poor believe in fate vs. 10% for the wealthy.

17.  79% of the rich believe they are the cause of their financial condition. 82% of the poor believe they are not responsible for their poverty. It’s someone else’s fault.

18.  The poor love T.V and reality shows. 77% of the poor admitted to watching more than one hour of T.V.each day  and their preference? Reality T.V. wins hands down. 78% of the poor watch reality T.V. shows. The rich, on the other hand are not big on T.V.67% watch less than an hour each day and it’s not reality T.V. that they tune in to. Only 6% watch reality T.V.

19.  Last but not least….62% of the rich floss regularly vs. 16% for the poor.


There you have it. It’s not pretty. We only scratched the surface. The rich are rich because they have more Rich Habits than Poverty Habits and the poor are poor because they have more Poverty Habits than they have Rich Habits. If you want to rise from poverty or the middle-class you’ve got to change your daily habits.


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