Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Courage to Stop Thinking Like a Criminal

When life gets hard, do this!

I’m convinced that most people in jail have an “it’s not my fault” mentality. Some of them freely admit that they did wrong, but “it’s not nearly as bad as what that guy did, and he didn’t have to serve any time… it’s not fair.”

OK, then that person gets out of jail. Now what?

Their new goal in life is to not do things that are as bad as other what other people are doing.

You don’t succeed by attempting to stop doing something! You succeed by replacing the bad behavior with something positive!

But that takes courage—the courage to be thankful for more than 30 seconds when going through difficult circumstances. This secret kind of courage is truly life changing! It actually rewires the brain and we begin to think differently. This gets us out of the ruts of our old patterns.

This week’s video is not from me. I’m bringing back my favorite TED Talk of all time. If you choose to watch this, it will be the best 12 minutes of your day and you’ll share it with your friends. It’s that awesome. You’ll laugh, you might cry, and you’ll gain the courage to choose thankfulness.

Watch this awesome video and have an incredible week!

Dr. Rob

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