Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Best Kind of Role Model

Here’s why it’s important to have one

You must continue to learn, it is important in your leadership journey, and you should never stop learning. And don’t forget, you can learn anything.

In many areas we might have the knowledge, and skills we need, but learning how and when to apply those is tricky. When you observe experienced leaders “doing their thing,” your UNDERSTANDING skyrockets. Think of it this way, our understanding teaches us when and where to apply our learning!

Do you want to learn how to talk effectively in front of a team? Watch someone who is really good at it! Do you want to know how to motivate? Observe how great leaders motivate their teams. Then sit with them, ask great questions, and ask them to deconstruct their success.

When you have a role model, you can actually see and experience the things you want to learn. So where do you find these role models? You already have them. Who is the best you’ve seen in an area that you want to progress?You know who it is, you just need to access them and get them on your team!


Here is a good game plan for you:

  1. Determine the key SKILL you want to learn and choose someone good at it. (It’s probably going to be a family member, a neighbor, or colleague!)
  2. Observe, study, engage, and ask them, “Will you please help me understand something that I see you do well? It will only take a few minutes.”
  3. They will say yes, so get ready with your good observations and compelling questions.

Remember, your role models don’t have the be “the best” leaders or the best at the skillyou want to learn from them. You just need to find the person the best person whois accessible to you.

BTW, if you want to find out how to access good leaders, check out my friend Travis’ free course here.

Learning from others' experiences and mistakes will save you untold time and frustration. In addition, you’ll make great friends and be ready to be a role model for others.


Much love,

Dr. Rob

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