Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Staying on Track When Life Throws a Curveball

How GRIT and Hardiness makes the difference

We go about meeting our goals in different ways. Some are more committed than others, and some exert more effort because they have to or because they can. GRIT is something that shows how much you “won’t give up” when it comes to achieving your goals.

There are many good things I could say about the research, but none are more convincing that this TED Talk by Angela Duckworth. Kick off your day by watching this masterpiece.

An earlier blog emphasizes that you can learn almost anything and you really can do almost anything that you will commit to long enough. GRIT is a major contributor to success. Gritty people pursue the things and the goals even if the journey can be difficult.

Hardiness is what it takes to overcome the huge issues that jump up and kill you along the way. In the midst of your grittiness, hard work, and emotional exhaustion,COVID hits, then a key employee leaves, and your family has a crisis. Mostpeople have a meltdown, but not you. Why because you’ve developed what is known as “Psychological Hardiness.” The article that I used in my Wednesday podcast this week can be found here.

The subtitle of that article is “How you can apply The Military’s 7 Point Formula for Survival Situations.” In the podcast I took those 7 concepts and applied them to the situations we face as leaders.

So, Grittiness is different; I’ve already tackled that subject in my former podcast episodes, but here’s the link in case you want to listen to it again. And here’s an additional resource on how you can develop GRIT.

But some real talk here—there’s going to be a lot of challenges and obstacles along the way.

You’re going to trip. You’re going to fall.

But if you’re HARDY, you’re going to stand up and keep going. You’re going to make it through the unplanned obstacles and still make the most out of it. And guess what? Being hardy helps you adapt to stressful conditions, developing you into a stronger person.  

When it comes to being hardy, remember these three Cs: commitment, control, and challenge:

  1. Commit yourself to your goal and what’s happening.
  2. Take CONTROL of your life, but only the parts you can control!
  3. Finally, stop viewing challenges as dead ends. Instead, every challenge is an opportunity for you to grow and prove to yourself that you can overcome.

So, are you ready to get gritty AND hardy?

I’m rooting for YOU!

Dr. Rob (

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