Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Starting Today: Smarter Choices, Greater Impact

Try this principle this week!

Every January we get the same questions: What are your resolutions? Goals for the year? What do you aim to do differently?

But here is the kicker, these all have to do with the same linchpin: YOUR CHOICES.

Mark’s new book is about exactly that.

In January, I’ll be discussing bits of his book—which I believe will be the BEST leadership book in 2022. Why? It’s a book about your choices—the one thing that impacts you most.

Let’s take a journey

As we begin our hike, I’ll ask you a couple of questions.

  1. Would your choices be the same IF you considered the impact of your choices before you made them?
  2. How can you know which choices will matter the most?
  3. If you knew which choices had the most strategic value, would you take a little extra time on those?
  4. Which of your choices actually enable other choices?

If you’re interested discovering the answers right away, check out Mark’s book here.

By the end of the book—not only will you be more in tune with the importance and impact of the choices, but you will already be acting on them!

We’ll start looking at the four big choices next week. Until then,


Much love,


Dr. Rob

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