Tuesday, October 15, 2019

So you want to use your phone less…

Why that might be your best idea this decade…

Earlier this year I wrote a blog on how to weaken or lessen your obsession with cellphone use. Last year, I also recorded a podcast episode on how my wife called me out on my cellphone use! But for those of you who haven’t started to break your addiction, it’s important to know some facts.

Here’s a quick summary of a very intense study by our friends at Harvard Business Review. They defined some primary motivations (and a few corresponding strategies).

  1. Improving performance at work (and home). Are you gunning for a promotion at work? Don’t activate cellular data, and put your phone on silent mode during important meetings. You’ll set yourself apart as someone who is all there!
  2. Establishing your personal priorities. What would life be like if you used your phone for calls and texts, but used your computer for accessing the internet? Think about that for a moment. Would you really miss much? You might not “appear as smart” when you can look up facts quickly—but you’d be seen as a person who cares for people more than info.
  3. Improving social behavior. Listen to the LeaderTribe podcast tomorrow to hear about a HUGE change that I made in the past week. It’s working great…

What’s your motivation? I mean, do you really want to break your smartphone addiction, stop making excuses, are live a happier life?... or are you just faking it.

I love you enough to tell you the truth.

Have an incredible week!


Dr. Rob.

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