Tuesday, September 17, 2019

“So, tell me about yourself.”

The BEST answer to this career-making question.

Before getting into the “meat” of the interview, you are often asked a seemingly innocuous question, “So, tell me about yourself.” The right response can set up the rest of the interview for success!

Don’t just summarize your résumé (CV), and definitely don’t tell your life story.

Thankfully, Harvard Business Review lets us know how best to respond to this question.

  1. Think “Outside the Bio.”

    Your interviewer already knows what’s in your resume, so don’t repeat it! Also, don’t start revealing a bunch of information about your personal life—it’s too early for that! Instead, you need a great first impression that shows you’ve done your homework.  
  1. Base your answers on the company’s needs!

    Study the job description and take note of the parts that seem most important. You can also study the company’s core values and culture. Now, write down three personal attributes they are looking for, based on your research. Complete this sentence, “They are looking for someone who…”
  2. Show that you are a fit.

    Before you were asked about it, you are now able reveal to the interviewer that you would be a great team member, the kind of person they want to bring on board. To do this, simply change the phrase to “I am someone who…”
  3. Practice, and do it out loud.  

    Basically, you should combine your personal story with what the company needs.
It’s pretty simple: usually when you ace your interview you get hired. The trick is to be memorable and to stand out.

I hope your next interview goes well! Prepare well for your interview and you are most of the way there!

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