Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Should You and I Always be Positive?

The research says, "No, not unless you are in denial!"

After my most popular blog ever from last week, I have a quick update.

With my condition, I was discouraged and was heading towards depression. I thought “Rob, be careful—you don’t even know how to have a  bad day! And now you are going to be hurting, have a bum leg, and slide into depression?!”

l’ve walked with so many friends through depression—my heart breaks for them. It messes with your thinking. So I just thought I’d let people know where I was at. AS SOON AS I DID, I felt better.

Just wanted to tell you, if YOU ARE going through it right now, tell a trusted friend. It will will begin to liberate your soul.

As a leader, we try our best to keep our emotions in check, to stay positive and wear a facade when we need to "put on a good face." Raise you hand if you've been there! (My hand is raised).

Friends, sometimes it’s not good.

Hiding your feelings all the time is ONE MISTAKE that a LOT of leaders make!

So you ask, "But Dr. Rob why is staying positive a mistake?"

Here’s the quick answer: HIDING behind toxic positivity won’t do anything to help your team. You're trying to "look right."

One of my favorite big-time leaders is Craig Groeschel who says,

People don't want to follow someone who is always right.
They want to follow someone who is always real!

So here is what you have to do: "Don't be fake positive! Be true to yourself and still show up for your team."

Here are four ways from Forbes Magazine on how to say goodbye to toxic positivity and embrace the truth.

1. SPEAK UP! Share what you know, even if it’s not always positive. Only then can you keep learning from the situation.

2. DON’T TRY TO BE PERFECT. You're not! Just be the best version of yourself. This means admit when you need help! 🙏 Acknowledging this and speaking out about it actually makes you a stronger person in others' eyes.

3. BE COMPASSIONATE. People are struggling with something that you know nothing about. Take it easy on them. When you are 100% honest and vulnerable, they usually will be as well.

4. KINDNESS GOES FURTHER THAN YOU THINK. So lead with kindness. 40 seconds of perfect eye contact and asking "So what's really going on?" will get you further than you've gotten before. When you lead with kindness, you will bring true positivity in a difficult situation.

Keep it real, stay positive and bring the kindness.

Hit me up to share your story.

Dr. Rob

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