Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Practice does NOT make Perfect

Don't get better at doing the wrong thing

Bill Walsh, world champion coach, said "Perfect Practice Makes Perfect."

I used to play on a golf team. I wasn't very good at "chipping" the ball when I was near the putting green. So I practiced.

A lot.

But I didn't get much better. Until the magical day that a pro gave me a free lesson.

I still wasn't good at first. But then I started improving. And improving. And improving!

I was no longer trying to get the ball near the hole... now I was trying to get it in.

Practice the right thing—the right way.

But when? And how?

1. Practice at Work. The research shows that practicing at work helps us improve the fastest. I don't know why, but I know it's true! For example, if you want to improve your listening skills, you'll want to practice "active listening." You can definitely practice this during company meetings or brainstorming sessions. Stay focused and concentrate. Ask encouraging questions. Do it deliberately.

2. Face your weaknesses. Some people say "Ignore your weaknesses," but I disagree. Make sure you're not always working in an area that you are lousy at. But your true weaknesses (your character flaws)—the best leaders face those HEAD ON.

Drill down on your weaknesses, and make very deliberate little gains that will help you. If you want to get up earlier, lay out your clothes (and maybe a zip up hoodie) the night before. I lay mine outside my bedroom! You just made it 100% easier to get out of bed the next day and get going.

It's your year to level up!

Don't let the same old excuses hold you back!!!

I'm rooting for you!

Dr. Rob

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