Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Positively Influence Someone Today!

There are certain core behaviors that impact the world positively

Last week, we looked at a few prominent people who are great examples of winners—because they didn’t quit even though they had all the reasons to.

They did something well, and they stuck with it. They have left their mark on the world: Steven Spielberg, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Michael Jordan, and Jack Ma are all people who continue to have influence on their companies everyday. These people are from different fields but they each had a positive impact on the world we are living in.

took notes and made a list of the core behaviors of people who positively impact the world. As someone who always wants to continue providing value to you guys, I find this list every helpful and I know you will too.

9 core behaviors that will help you set yourself apart in this world:

  1. Dedication. They dedicate themselves to meaning and purpose—and they are driven to accomplish this.
  2. Commitment to continuous improvement. It’s all about learning and progress. They know they are not perfect, so they work hard and put in the effort to always be better.
  3. They engage well with others and form good relationships. They know relationships formed with other people are foundational for future opportunities.  
  4. They are forward-looking. They don’t just settle for what is, instead they dive deeper into how it could be better for everyone. They don’t just live in the moment, they aim for better moments.
  5. They appreciate constructive feedback. They don’t take critiques personally because they know that it is necessary for growth.
  6. They give and teach what they know. They are always willing to help other people with the knowledge that they’ve gathered. They don’t hold back because they want to help as many people as they can.
  7. They boost people up. Some people end up dragging people down in their quest to rise to the top. But people who have a positive impact on the world are happy to help and support others. They want to help people grow, and that’s also why they are able to grow at the same time.
  8. No shortcuts. They don’t look for the easy way out. There is struggle in the journey and the struggle makes them stronger.
  9. They use their power for the good. This means that they choose to use their power to influence others for the better, and not to intimidate, bully, or dictate. They take their power to influence very seriously and will not take advantage of it.

Do you want to create a positive impact in this world? From the 9 core behaviors we discussed above, what are the parts that you feel you are still missing? Hit me up at rob@leadertribe.comand we’ll talk more about it.


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Dr. Rob

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