Tuesday, August 29, 2017

People Don’t Care About Your Vision!

People care deeply about their personal aspirations.

Why should people want to follow you? That’s a fair question, right?

I mean, you really “have to” follow your boss unless you want to get fired. What would it be like to have a boss that is so great that you would willingly follow her all the time. What makes that boss so good?

The research is clear! Great bosses cares about their people, they clarify how individual performance contributes to the team, and they will sacrifice so others can be successful. Oh, and there is one more thing: great leaders share a vision in a way that taps into the personal aspirations of team members!


Wouldn’t you love to be able to do that? You can.

In this week’s video I give an example of exactly how to go about it. It’s a three-step process that entails:

  1. Sharing the true need or goal that we need to meet.
  2. Touching the hearts of hearers so personal aspirations are met.
  3. Revealing how our hard work will help achieve a much better future.

BTW, the last 60 seconds of this video are probably the most hilarious ever. (Even the cameraman was cracking up when we filmed it!). I surprise everyone by taking off my shirt. Well… sort of. You’ll have to see the video.

Learn how to share a vision in a way that friends, family, colleagues, and team members will want to join you to see it fulfilled.

Have a great week!

Dr. Rob


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