Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Once Again, Why Am I Like This?

Getting better is possible. Here’s your motivation!

I loved it when the world's leading researchers discovered 5 exemplary behaviors that the best leaders have in common. The first of those truths they call “Model the Way.” When I’m teaching this research on university campuses I always make it a little clearer:


The best leaders don’t tell you the way to go; they show you the way to go!


How do the best leaders “model the way?” More importantly “Dr. Rob, how can I find my own voice instead of parroting what I hear other people say?”

Well, let’s look under the hood—the hood of your own heart. Deep down, in your soul, what is it that you really believe? From that powerful and sacred place, you can bring those values to the surface. That is who you really are. That is what makes you... you! When those latent values become visible to you and others, you can be who you really are, from the inside out!

Next, you learn how to communicate your reality with crystal clarity in your own words!

This is you. This is not your best version of someone you admire
, or someone that you have read about. When you are clear about your values, others will follow you. Why is that? Because you are giving a voice and an action to what they really believe. You are helping them to “become who they really are.” It’s a beautiful gift when you can lead in this way.

“OK Rob, where do I start?” Watch the video then download the free bonus exercise on clarifying your personal values. It’s a great start. If you’d like more help, email me and I’ll point you towards some great resources.


You matter. Clarifying your values and aligning them with your actions will make you unstoppable. Go for it. If you will do those two things, then I’m already one of your raving fans!

Dr. Rob aka Robster

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