Tuesday, October 22, 2019

“My boss made me do it!”

Why Employees Quit

There are many reasons why people quit. Some may be personal reasons, or career growth oriented, but some are directly tied to their leaders.

Harvard Business Review summarizes the most common mistakes that leaders make in this area:

  1. Inconsistency in goals and expectations. You give them goals that are not directly tied to what the company needs or what you will reward. NO contradicting expectations!
  2. Too many constraints. “It’s my way or highway.” Tell them the results you need, but let them figure out the best way to do it based on their competencies. Oh, and don’t make them attend unnecessary meetings!
  3. Assigning the wrong roles or tasks. Often employees feel under valued, or underemployed. Regularly review their job descriptions and ask them if they would like to do more.
  4. Failing to create a collaborative work environment. Everyone likes being on a team IF… it’s a winning team. Winning teams are forged out of sharing ideas with healthy conflict.
  5. Not being objective. If your employees perceive you as biased or unfair, why should they keep working for you?  

Have you ever experienced any of the above? Tell me about it!


Dr. Rob

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