Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Make 2020 your BEST YEAR

Finish 2019 with the right start for 2020

The new decade is coming, and in a few hours, it will be here. I want to sincerely wish each of you a very Happy New Year!  

Last week I gave you some Christmas gifts, which I hope you enjoyed! Today, just before we leave 2019 behind, I’d like to zero in on one of those gifts: Michael Hyatt’s 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever! As I previously mentioned, I purchase this every year. If you have used it, I’d love to hear from you.

Since I’m always in the giving mood, here are a couple of additional presents which will contribute to YOU having your best year ever.

1. My Best Year Ever on the LeaderTribe Your Daily Dose of Growth Podcast – This is one of my podcast episodes that reviews Michael Hyatt’s book by that same title. It’s a short but sweet episode (not more than 10 minutes) that tackles how you can look at your life through ten different lenses.

2. 3 Easy Steps to End The Year Well – This is a blog I published before 2017 ended, and it’s a quick blow by blow summary of three things you can start doing NOW that will impact your life as you go into the new year.


That’s it! Just a quick New Year’s shot in the arm, my last blog for 2019. Once again, I am very thankful for you for being part of my year, and I genuinely look forward to crushing 2020 with you. Anything that I can help with? Just hit me up at


Happy New Year!

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