Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Major Fail!

What to do next…

People are full of seemingly nice things to say to me when I fail. “That’s okay, we all make mistakes.” “To err is human.” “It’s just another opportunity to be better.” “Failure is the best teacher.” I’ll stop there, but I could go on!

I even recorded a few podcasts on failing forward and why we should stop avoiding failure.  

According to Harvard Business Review, almost NO ONE openly talks about their failures! 

But those who do are more respected, more trusted, and make better leaders!!!

Here are a few advantages of “being real” with those around you.

1. You form better connections.  You will be a much more approachable leader if you are willing to discuss your failures. Don’t be afraid to share, you won’t look weak.

2. Both people will learn from it! Yes, we always hear that failure is a learning tool, BUT not if you can’t admit it. The first step is “confession,” and the best learning comes from processing it with others. 

3. You will be more tolerant of others’ mistakes. Acknowledging your own failures will make you more patient with others. It will reduce stress in both directions!  

4. It helps you move forward. Just sharing a failure means that you have a desire to move forward. Not accepting your own failure leads to not accepting your weaknesses—a huge error for leaders! Focusing on others’ mistakes while avoiding your own will cripple your effectiveness with people around you.

Admit, accept, learn, and move on!

Boom! That is good stuff from Harvard research. Please forward this blog to others who are having a hard time moving on.  

Dr. Rob

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