Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Leading When You Are Not At Your Best

Motivating your team during tough times

I’m not sure if you’ve seen my recent Facebook posts. Updating my healing progress, some people message me wondering how I can still smile and laugh despite almost a year of this pain. And it looks like I’ll have my third major back surgery in 8 months…

There really is no secret—I have made the decision to be very thankful despite my pain level. People appreciate your best effort, even when you can’t give it your all.

That happens in leadership too—there will be tough times where you are NOT your best. But you still need to encourage your team and motivate them… even when you feel lousy. It’s not easy... but it’s possible.

Here are three things to remember from Forbes and Inc.

  1. Be honest and stay calm. “Hey everyone, as you know, I’m not at my best right now, but I’m definitely doing well enough to be here, and I’ll give everything I can.” When you’re honest, calm and collected, you’re able to think more strategically and become more resourceful in considering solutions.
  2. Emphasize the importance of collaboration. Did you know that 39% of employees feel that their input is not appreciated??? During tough times, you need everyone else to be at their best! “I encourage you to speak up, to participate and let’s make this an outstanding team effort!”  Then immediately acknowledge their insights and ask them to expand on thoughts they have shared.
  3. Acknowledge mistakes but keep encouraging. When your team members make a mistake, don’t let it go. That makes it more acceptable. Instead say something along the lines of “that obviously didn’t work and we won’t want to go there again… but it was a good learning opportunity! Let brainstorm some other possible solutions.”

A hurting yet honest leader who leans on their team is a good leader. When you foster healthy collaboration and keep encouraging in the midst of setbacks—you become a great leader.

Go be great this week!

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