Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Leading Scared

Yes—here’s how!

We always hear the words “a fearless leader” so I really can’t blame you if sometimes you think that all leaders have to be fearless. After all, they are in charge of driving a team, so surely they must be strong-willed and courageous. 

But guess what? Leaders are humans too! And like everyone else, leaders feel afraid sometimes.

It’s happened to me, to my friends, and it can happen to you. The next time you’re fearful in the midst of your leadership, remember three things:

  1. Recognize your fear, admit it to yourself! Now that it’s a fact in your brain, you can say, “I choose to act courageously even though I have feelings of fear.” If you deny your fear, you can’t face it head on. Yes, you’re scared, but you can learn to not let it control you.
  2. Focus on the PROCESS! You have one responsibility at that point, you need to step up and do the next right thing.
  3. Communication with those on your team. “I’m scared to death, how about you guys?" But we are going to do this, and it will turn out great. Later today we’ll be high fiving each other. Here’s what we are going to do (outline), why this matters (empathy), how we’ll do it (direction), and mention a past win (proof). Make sure these 4 elements are present and you’ll be able to inspire and motivate, even when you are feeling unsure.

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