Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Leading During Coronavirus

Don’t Hide, Keep Cool, Be Honest

People watch leaders closely in challenging times. The Coronavirus pandemic has put many leaders under a microscope. Here are some researched, solid suggestions for leading this week.

Since we are not disease experts, we tend to “lead” by sending internet links to medical websites, then we go into hiding with everyone else. Don’t do that.

Don’t Hide. Send emails, call your top leaders, and make certain they are then calling those below them. Give updates, but most importantly ask, “How is your heart doing through this?”

Action step: Ask what they are worried about. After hearing your team members,  send an email to everyone with the subject: The Top 2 Concerns I’ve Heard... (Then address the concerns and ask if there are other needs). Be one the leading edge by caring and showing concern!

Keep Cool. An article in Harvard Business Review provides good insight in this area. Two things points they make are essential: motivate internally and control what you can.

Action steps: The motivation comes from you working with your leaders and asking them, “How can we become a better team as a result of this crisis? Your people will tell you! Then remember, you can’t control the crisis, but YOU CAN CONTROL how you act towards it. You won’t get it perfect, but take it one step at a time, one controllable thing at a time.

Be Honest.  Hiding the truth isn’t worth it. People follow transparent, vulnerable leaders.

Action step. Don’t hide the bad news, start with it! Then give the next step... it’s what good leaders do.

Now it’s your turn! Do it scared if you have to, but step up and lead. Your team will thank you for it.

Hit me up if you need to talk through a challenge. Begin by reaching out

Courage, my friends,

Dr. Rob

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