Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Leading By Example and From the Heart (Part 2)

Last week we saw why leaders are not afraid to get down in the trenches and work with the team. Bosses—they like to lead from up high, not getting their hands dirty. That person might be a good executive or a good boss, but they might not be a good leader. You can lead at all levels, even from the Janitor’s Closet.

Great leaders tend to be perceived as such, without having to remind people “who is in charge.” So if you want to be a better leader, remember that to most followers, their perception is reality, and that ultimately, leadership is influence.

Perception is reality.

If you and I were in a building and we THINK that a bomb is about to go off, we would run! If there never was a bomb, that doesn’t matter, our perception was our reality. Every leader must understand this concept.

If you are in a pivotal role, you're making a mistake if you think that you don’t need to lead by example. Big mistake. Because by choosing to not lead by example, you alienate yourself from your team.

Here’s a simple example – when budget cuts happen, do you step in and share in the sacrifice expected of your team? If you are not ready to share their pain—then you are not going to share in sacrifices and best efforts on your behalf.

Please note that your talent has a very small role to play in this area! Ultimately it is all about your behavior – if you’re not leading by example, you’re not leading at all!

“Leadership is Influence—nothing more, nothing less” ~ John C.Maxwell

The best gift you can give to your team and organization is the gift of positive work culture. If you are seen as a leader who is able to encourage positive values time and again within the team, the department, and the organization, it cements your position as an influencer.

They get the message: I’m working fora leader who cares, who gives us the resources we need and who is ready to work harder than everyone else!

BOTTOM LINE: People want to follow leaders who are real and lead by example. They want a boss who works just as hard as they do, if not harder. Where should you step up your game this week?

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