Tuesday, May 11, 2021

JUST PAST the End of Your Comfort Zone

3 steps to face the new growth

You can move past your comfort zone or you can become stuck in complacency.

Your choice.

Whoa, Dr. Rob... that's a little harsh, isn't it?

Absolutely. But it's also a little reality.

You know there is an area that you've want to get to--or get back to!

What's stopping you?

Here are the three steps you need to get back to the uncomfortable growth that helps you thrive.

1. Drill down on you excuses.

Did you really not have time, or were afraid you'd fail that new assignment?

Are you embarrassed to ask for help?

What if you are wrong?

2. OWN IT!

Admit to yourself what is true.

Even the ugly part.

Do you have the courage to change? (Sometimes the answer is no).

3. Take No Prisoners!

Most people don't fully commit.

They want a "fall back" position if it doesn't work out.

It is those who "fully commit" who will win in the end.

Is something keeping you from going all in?

If you'd like to discuss it, HMU at

Much love.

I'm out.

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